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Scritto da Claudia Fusani, 3 agosto 2010   
Mercoledì 04 Agosto 2010 10:31
Senator Dell'Utri and President Silvio Berlusconi are apparently under investigation by the attorneyship of Florence. Alleged offense: slaughter. Both the senator and the President seem to be the principal instigators of the massacres of 1993. The men who provided political backup to hide the truth about the bombings.
Their identities are still being kept secret. They are once again being called “Author one” and “Author two”. The case file number has changed since 2009 but the substance hasn't. Today it's #11531. For this country it's weight remains as unsettling as it was in 1993: investigations on political figures as those responsible for mafia slaughters, bombings in Florence, Rome and Milan between April and July 1993. “Author one” and “Author two” are protected code names for senator Marcello Dell'Utri and President Silvio Berlusconi. The attorneyship of Florence has been investigating on them for weeks, perhaps months. A strenuous seventeen year long enquiry to reveal the occult initiators of the bombings which killed seven people, injured dozens and brought Italy to it's knees. During the spring of 1993, following the murders of Falcone and Borsellino, the country was only a step away from a coup. The alleged charge attributed to both Dell'Utri and Berlusconi is for “slaughter”, from article 442 of the italian penal code. Official news reports that investigation deadlines have been extended following deputy public prosecutors Giuseppe Nicolosi and Alessandro Crini along with chief prosecutor Giuseppe Quattrocchi's request to continue their enquiry in order to verify senator Dell'Utri and President Berlusconi involvement. The attorneyship of Florence remains silent. This new scenario seems confined to a number of hypothesis. The first one leads to mafia boss Gaspare Spatuzza. A ruthless killer turned justice collaborator. The same man who was denied a personal protection program by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the past Spatuzza's testimony had been responsible for re opening investigations on the massacres of D'Amelio and Georgofili street. Spatuzza's affirmations are well known and were of great impact during Dell'Utri's trial at the Court of Appeal of Palermo: “The Graviano brothers, the mafia bosses from Brancaccio told me we had nothing to do with the attempts on Florence, Milan and Rome. That was terrorism. But they also said it was convenient for us to allow people to believe that we were responsible for the bombings. This would assure political backing for the organization”. Spatuzza also refers of a conversation which took place in Rome, in January 1994 with Giuseppe Graviano in a bar called Doney: “Giuseppe Gravaino told me the deal was closed and that our requests had been met. He spoke of Berlusconi and Dell'Utri: thanks to them the country was now in our hands”. Although much of Spatuzza's testimony is based on incidents reported by word of mouth and the Graviano brothers have never confirmed nor denied his statements, the encounter, the location and the day mentioned by Spatuzza have been confirmed by investigations.

Claudia Fusani

article from " L'Unita' "

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