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Negotiations between Cosa Nostra and parts of the State: Martelli and Ferraro to be heard by public PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da ANSA Venerdì 09 Ottobre 2009 17:17   
Sabato 10 Ottobre 2009 08:57
October 9th 2009 – Palermo (ANSA). Former Minister of Justice Claudio Martelli and former head of criminal Affairs in via Arenula Liliana Ferraro are going to be questioned by the magistrates of Caltanisetta who are investigating the massacre of via d’Amelio, massacre in which judge Paolo Borsellino lost his life. Martelli and Ferraro are called to report with regards to the findings that emerged during a television program called Annozero. Mr. Martelli said that Borsellino was aware of the negotiations taking place between mafia and State. In 17 years neither Martelli nor Ferraro went to the magistrates who are investigating on the massacres to tell them what they knew. Public prosecutors of the Dda of Palermo who are investigating on the negotiation that saw former mayor of Palermo and organized crime member Vito Ciancimino as a key figure, will also be hearing Martelli and Ferraro. Journalist Sandro Rutolo of Annozero and correspondent Franco Viviano of Repubblica newspaper were heard by prosecutors today.

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